Wednesday, November 9, 2011

celebrating november

In my "happy november! weekly giveaway no. 1" I asked readers to tell me what they were looking forward to in November (besides my awesome weekly giveaways, of course - LOL!) and there were so many reasons to celebrate that I thought I would share some of them.

So, here are some of the things that you, dear readers, are looking forward to this month! (The giveaway isn't over yet, so keep these awesome responses coming!)

There are A LOT of birthdays coming up! Not only readers' own birthdays, but lots of family birthdays as well. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY if you're celebrating one in November!

Of course, our American friends are celebrating Thanksgiving later this month (Canada already had their turkey and pumpkin pie in October) so lots of you are looking forward to that:
- Suanne said... Looking forward to pumpkin pie and stuffing. Bring on Thanksgiving!
- Susan A. said... I'm looking forward to having my first-ever family get-together for Thanksgiving at my house! Lots to do before then, but it's fun :)

There were some school and work-related events:
- Royce said... planning to celebrate a week off from work
- Marija said... I'm looking forward to the starting a new job!
- Anonymous said... I'm looking forward to getting my grad school applications finished :)

Lots of you are looking forward to some serious shopping, both during Black Friday and for the holidays!
- Maegan Morin said... This month I am looking forward to getting all my Christmas shopping done (hopefully lol)

I'm also insanely jealous of Deb from Two Cheeky Monkeys who said... I am looking forward to warmer weather (I'm in the southern hemisphere). :)

Some are celebrating really great news and milestones - CONGRATULATIONS!!!
- Maria D. said... I'm looking forward to telling family that I'm pregnant!!!
- All Wired Up TOO said... I'm looking forward to my 30th Wedding Anniversary.

This was the most unexpected answer to "what are you looking forward to this month" and I love it!
- TopHat said... I'm looking forward to buying a piano!

I had to go look up "kourabie cookies" after reading MiLulu's comment, which said... I'm looking forward to my friend's birthday and to the openning of kourabie cookies season in Greece (It will be a good month)

The funniest comment was from Armada V who said...I'm looking for 11/11/11, so that I could finally say "I told you so" to everyone who believed in the whole "the end of the world" nonsense

And finally, Birgit and Anna seem to share the same thoughts as me:
- Birgit said... I'm looking forward to ... hibernating all through winter! Well, it'd be nice if I could do that anyway
- Anna said... I'm looking forward to... the weekend!

Who can't help but smile after reading all these great reasons to be happy?

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